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What is Web Marketing?

First of all, having a website may or may not be web marketing!
Many business owners have a website but is it effective?

Common Sense Says: If shoppers cannot find your website, what good is it?
Having a beautiful website is no good if shoppers cannot find it using the most used search phrases for your service or product.

Common Sense Asks: Is your website geared to generating Sales?
Shoppers (by definition) are looking to buy something. Your website needs to tell shoppers "Why You vs Competitors" Put in specials and reasons to call.

Common Sense Reasoning: FREE EVALUATION!
We cannot make an HONEST recommendations without knowing what they have! It takes five minutes to fill out "Get Started" We will give you the results

Be Mobile-Friendly
Google, Bing, and Yahoo now require websites to be mobile-friendly. Is your website mobile-friendly?

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Get found on Google, Bing, & Yahoo

GETTING FOUND by shoppers is the key to success. Current & potential clients need to be able to find your business easily. We research the key search phrases
used by shoppers looking for your services and include them on your website.

PATIENCE IS KEY - With directories and millions of businesses who left the phone books trying to get high rankings on the Net, there is a lot of competition. It starts with properly building a website for SEO along with constant updating the website. It can take time but we will get the placement you need.

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Stand Out from Your Competitors
With 15 -25 of your competitors listed on each page of the search results, you need a link that will stand out. We'll let consumers know why they should pick you before they go to a competitor's website!

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Stand out website in Palm Coast, FL
Tell Customers Why YOU are Their Best Option

When shoppers click on different websites, they are looking for reasons to buy. Tell them WHY they should buy from your business vs. competitors. We also include specials in order to generate sales calls. We make it easy for shoppers to choose your business for their needs.

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Why call Common Sense Web Marketing in Palm Coast, FL
Get business from surrounding areas
Increase your revenue by making it easy for shoppers to find you in ALL the cities you want business. Most business websites MIGHT show up in the city your business is located but NOT in surrounding cities. If you want business in other cities we CAN DO IT!

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Business websites in Palm Coast, FL

Is your current website helping you achieve your business goals?

At Common Sense Web Marketing, we are here to promote your business with attractive websites and effective, ethical SEO practices. But maybe you already have a website. Is it GENERATING REVENUE for your business?

1. Is your old website specifically designed to increase sales?
Most local business websites are NOT marketing websites. Many have basic information about the company, and many times this information is outdated because the developer has built the site and moved on. Many are not designed for increasing revenue, and most do not show up high in the search results using key search search phrases.

2. Is your old website visible?
It doesn't do much good to have a website if shoppers cannot find it! Maybe it's on your business cards or the side of your truck, but when someone wants to buy, are they going to search for your company by the service and their location. If your website is not optimized to show for, attract, and convert these type of searches, you have a problem!

3. Does your old website show up in surrounding areas?
If your shop or office is in Ormond Beach, it might show up if shoppers use the key phrase for the service you offer plus the city. Even if a local website shows up in search results in the business's home town, it will likely not not show up in the surrounding areas. You're missing out on so many hot leads! A good web marketing strategy ensures that you will be found in every city that you want to do business in. Don't expect business in surrounding cities if they cannot find your business on the Net when they are ready to buy!

Popular search engines

A Better Online Marketing Solution for Your Business

1. Get found for the most common search phrases.
When a customer needs a product or service and doesn't know where to find it, they will almost always search the Internet for the solution. What do your customers search when they need your product or service? If they search that phrase, will they find your website? We make sure that when a customer searches for your product or service, they find you!

2. Get found by popular search engines.
Although Yahoo & Bing search engines represent 32% of all Internet searches, they represent 43% of local business searches. 28% of Yahoo & Bing searches are for local businesses while 15% of searches on Google are for local businesses. You NEED to show up on Yahoo & Bing for best marketing results. New computers and iPhones use Bing as their search engine, so if you aren't showing up in the Bing results, you'e missing out on a lot of business!

3. Track your progress.
We regularly check the search engine results to make sure your website is visible to customers searching for your product or service, and make periodic adjustments to keep you visible!

4. Web marketing solutions, fast & easy.
As a business owner, your time is at a premium, so we make your part easy. We can get all the information we need to build your website in just 15 minutes! Then you can go back to running your business, and we'll have your website up in 1 week! We make any changes you want at no additional cost and continue to support and update your website forever.